Where is a wire harness needed?
Where is a wire harness needed?
Within the closed system of machinery and equipment, for example, an automobile, there is always need to transmit electric power and signals from one point or the other. This is where cable harnesses are thus needed.
These are packs of wires or cables collected together by way of a bundle, for specific applications. The cables are bound together in their numbers by cable straps or ties, cable lacing, sleeves, tapes of electrical conduit.
The material that binds them together constitutes the stringed combination, which organizes the assembly of cables and wires and makes their focus single in transmitting the signals from one point to another.
Functional application in machinery and automotive

There are a number of reasons a defined circuit finds better application in such a system, as regards complex machinery with different organs that must have some charge of an electric signal or the other to function as a unit. Whereas some wires can be used in a scattered manner to join two points together, providing a potential difference necessary for current and signal flow, this piece provides the advantage of economy of space.

By binding the wires together with a suitable material such as electrical weave of extruded string, a lot of precious space is saved up in the device. This does not only save space but makes for a more organized and aesthetic outlook of the interior of the machine. It makes the job of the Maintenance Engineer or Technician simple and straight to the point since he just has to look for an assembly of wires performing a specific purpose and do the needful.

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