What is the benefit of a wiring harness?
What is the benefit of a wiring harness?
Secure wires form abrasion and moisture 
Cable assembly also help the wires by securing them from the unhealthy effects of abrasion and moisture. A mental picture of a mass of scattered wires stretching for tens of kilometers around the working part, as against a combined collection of wires converged to a point by a strap, would tell the obvious story. Service vibrations during the operation of the device are expected, and there is no better way of securing these wires from the effects of vibration than binding them with suitable material.
Prevention of short-circuits
Prevention of short-circuiting has also been known to be a fringe benefit of cables since there is every chance of vulnerability of a mass of scattered wires to the agents of short-circuiting. The installer has less work to do since he has only one group to install, as opposed to a mass of cables or wires. In addition, the process can be standardized, and a notation inculcated since it is a question of just one section, which may not be possible with a conglomeration of wires and or cables. To greatly reduce the probability of sparks and resulting fires, the item can be bound into a fire-retarding sleeve.

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