Company Profile

Company Profile

Cymanu is a UL registered manufacturer which includes prototyping research, production, and globalization marketing. Our mainly products include Engineering Wire Harness, Network and Telecommunication Cable Assembly, Smart Home Wire Harness, Auto Wire Harness,Lighting Wire Harness, Medical Wire Harness, Computer Peripheral Wire Harness, Home Appliance Wire Harness, Office equipment Wire Harness, etc

Cymanu has about 3000 square meters working area, and has introduced many modern machines, including full-automatic crimping machines, Ultra-silence crimping machines, Striping Machine,Ultrasonic machine and so on. We also have many different testing equipment and tooling.

The factory strictly comply with ISO quality management system, and has the IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC and continuous quality improvement management system. We have all the achines for the wire cutting, soldering, crimping, molding, assembling and testing procedure. And all the materials we used are UL and RoHS compliant. The research prototyping and production of the different kinds of wire harness are welcomed.We are executing ERP management and pay high attention to the environment protection and talent training.

Cymanu is authorized by the Chinese Government as an independent import and export company, and has the good office environment and good team work spirit.In new five year plan, our staff would be always dedicated to be the leader of wire harness field with unremitting efforts.Thank you for choosing Cymanu as your global business partner!

Company Culture

◆Talent view

Encourage talent to forward, Achieve talent's value

.◆Quality view

Customer focused, Quality First,

There is no captious client, only imperfect products,

The best way to repay clients is to provide quality products,

Make sure zero defection by Self and mutual inspection.

◆Worth view

Sustain commitment, Cherish glory.

Compliance and discipline, Fair competition.

Striving for excellence, Continuous innovation.

Customer satisfaction, Common development.

◆Green Concept

Prevent environment pollution, Compliance with laws and regulations.

Provide green products, Continuous improvement to system.

Raise energy utilization efficiency, Create a green enterprise.

◆Teamwork Concept

A negligence makes one hundred busy, anyone care make more smoothly.

Organizational Structure